WFO® Guide to working with REGENTS
Regents' Titles and Special Functions


Regents serve in three categories:

These are internationally renowned celebrities with broad appeal who work globally on campaigns and events and interact with key World Fashion Organization partners and constituencies. In addition to activities generated by HQ, they are often invited to work on campaigns and events by WFO National and Regional Chapters namely World Fashion Associations and World Fashion Organization's regional and national offices.

Regents are given this title because they have generally served the organization for a long time or have demonstrated intense dedication to its mission and goals as most distinguished global leaders.

These are celebrities with strong local appeal and constituencies, who are affiliated with WFO National and Regional Chapters namely World Fashion Associations or WFO Regional Offices and work within the nation or region of their recruitment.


Increasingly, celebrities work short term with World Fashion Organization on a specific campaign, event or issue at the international or regional/country level. Responsibility for managing these celebrities lies with the World Fashion Organization division or sector that recruits them. The Celebrity Relations and Special Events Section of Headquarters' Division of Communication (Division of Communication) should be kept informed of these partnerships.

Special Representatives represent fields of interest and expertise and appeal to specific constituencies - sports fans, for example - in a way that can further World Fashion Organization's work and enhance its partnerships.


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