WFO® Guide to working with REGENTS
Building Mutually Rewarding Relationships with Regents



For all events and campaigns involving Regents, it is vital to ensure that they receive the hospitality and appreciation that will help them fulfill their role and value their contribution to World Fashion Organization. 

Help celebrities stay informed about, and involved in, World Fashion Organization's strategic thinking and keep them up to date about what is happening in the field. They should routinely receive World Fashion Organization press releases and speeches of the Chief Executive Officer, access to the WFO Online Network, invitations to conferences or briefing events, World Fashion Organization reports, publications and news and video clips of World Fashion Organization programs and events.

Encourage Regents to find their niche at World Fashion Organization and to participate in various media activities for World Fashion Organization; video/television appearances; public awareness on fashion for the peace initiatives; launches of flagship reports and publications and the World Fashion Organization Website.

To improve the planning and strategic use of celebrity activities, and to ensure Brand expression in celebrity involvement, the Celebrity Relations Section will conduct an annual review of World Fashion Organization's partnerships with International, Regional and National Regents. The review will also evaluate candidates recommended to be Regents. Staff from senior management, the Division of Communication, Program Division and WFO National & Regional Chapters namely World Fashion Associations will be invited to participate, along with Regents themselves where possible.


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