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2012 the First Ceremonial Dress of the World Cultural Forum in Beijing
Posted on November 23, 2012 | See article

Whether the Chinese will have a ceremonial dress of his own?, November 20, bringing together industry elite 2012 for the first session of the ceremonial dress of the World Cultural Forum opening in Beijing, China textile industry association President Wang Tiankai, Director of the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zhang Kunsheng, Executive Vice President of the China National garment Association Chen Dapeng, China textile Press Secretary Chi zongjun, Secretary General of Shanghai garment Association Dai Ziyi, the famous fashion designer Wu Xuekai, Heng Yuan Xiang of China (Group) General Manager Chen Zhongwei, and Italy’s Embassy in China and representatives gathered together to comb the subject again.

But around the Tang suit

As long as the said ceremonial dress, dresses is around over the concept of the term. In 2001, the APEC meeting held in Shanghai, leaders of collective debut wearing dresses, opened a clothing rise and wave of Chinese elements in the world of fashion. However, the dresses of gradual success has also brought another problem: it makes people mistakenly thought representation of dresses of the Tang dynasty element clothing the transmission and deductive, dresses of the original meaning is in fact Han Chinese clothing, now known as the Tang suit refers to Chinese-style clothing.

China textile Press Secretary Chi zongjun noted that Chinatown dresses of the term actually comes from abroad, drawing on vest of the Manchu Qing dynasty clothing styles and fabrics, and adopt a Western-style clothing-dimensional trim. However, continuous sleeves, no waist, skirt hem the narrow traditional features, such as its failure to adapt to the pace of modern life and the limits of aesthetic tastes and was gradually abandoned. In its view, ceremonial dress along clothing lines continue to move forward in the future. Thousands of years while further excavations and consolidation structure and detailed features of Chinese traditional costume, from which to further pull away from the classic elements of cultural identity. In contrast, to further adapt to the lifestyle in the future, more modern plastic arts and design details, real launched a sufficiently representative of proprieties both costume history and vitality of the ceremonial dress of the new era.


Hengyuanxiang( Founded in 1927, the old name of Chinese enterprises. Currently, the Nanjing Road in Shanghai Hengyuanxiang by a covering over 100 square meters of yarn shops in China have become a well-known trademarks, including knitting, apparel, home textiles, embroidery floss for the integrated enterprise. Group encompasses more than 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries, the alliance of more than 100 factories in China has more than 600 distribution, distributors, and over 5,000 sales outlets. Hengyuanxiang 2005 sales of nearly 40 billion, the annual sales value of 34 million cases, 40,000 were related industry personnel.

Hengyuanxiang Group is the world\'s largest enterprises, the use of wool -- amounted to 10,000 tons annually, the amount of more than 50 million U.S. dollars; It is also the world\'s largest enterprises started on the preparation of wool sales, output in 1996 reached a record high of 10,000 tonnes, 8,000 tonnes in the current stability.

Hengyuanxiang 12 years in a row is the only one sponsored by the Chinese Football enterprises;

2005, Hengyuanxiang columns with CCTV ace "the same song", completed an unprecedented brand with a strong combination of media brands;
After nearly 80 years of development, the country has won more than 90% of the Hengyuanxiang brand recognition. 1999, "Hengyuanxiang" acquired "Famous Chinese Trademark" title. 2001, the successful implementation of MBO Hengyuanxiang, at the time known as China's most successful and classic MBO cases. In 2002 and 2003, "Hengyuanxiang" reelection "China's top 10 public loved trademark" title. 2004, Hengyuanxiang been given the title of "China's most cultural values of the 10 brands." In 2003 and 2005, "Hengyuanxiang" brand sweater, cashmere sweater has won the "China brand" title. 2005, released by the World Brand Laboratory's list of China's 500 most valuable brands, ranked 293 Hengyuanxiang, brand value 2.041 billion yuan.

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