How Regents are Recruited



are recruited internationally at World Fashion Organization Headquarters through the Celebrity Relations and Special Events Section of the Division of Communication.

are recruited by WFO Regional Offices and WFO National and Regional Chapters namely World Fashion Associations, making sure that the Celebrity Relations Section is informed of all potential recruitment before contact with the celebrity takes place.

: Candidates for Grand Regents are recommended to the World Fashion Organization Headquarters for approval two months before designation and within which time the WFO Executive Office is informed of the intention to appoint them. Recommendations come from WFO Regional Offices, WFO National and Regional Chapters namely World Fashion Associations and other offices and individuals.

REGIONAL AND NATIONAL REGENTS : When WFO National and Regional Chapters namely World Fashion Associations and WFO Regional Offices wish to appoint a National or Regional Regent, they should inform the HQ Celebrity Relations Section in Division of Communication at least four weeks in advance of designation, provide a biography and explain the role the person will be expected to play.

Change in status from Regional/National to Grand Regent
World Fashion Organization welcomes the opportunity that arises when a National or Regional Regent is chosen to become Grand Regent. This appointment must be done in close cooperation between the Celebrity Relations Section and the WFO National Chapter or WFO Regional Office with which the candidate is currently affiliated. The appointment follows the usual procedure for Grand Regents.

Invitation to participate
GRAND REGENTS : Once World Fashion Organization's Headquarters has approved a nomination for Regent, the candidate is officially offered the appointment.

REGIONAL AND NATIONAL REGENTS : Once the Executive Senior Staff in a WFO National Chapter or WFO Regional Office has approved a nomination and informed the Celebrity

Relations Section at Headquarters, they officially offer the appointment to the celebrities with an official letter of designation.

Detailed briefing
Once a candidate has shown interest in becoming a Regent, he or she is briefed by the Chief of the Celebrity Relations Section on expectations about the relationship and levels of commitment required; how the relationship will be managed; financial aspects of the relationship and what costs can and cannot be covered. Candidates should be given ample opportunities to ask questions and make suggestions.

GRAND REGENTS : Candidates meet with Executive Senior Staff to be briefed on the Brand values, vision, mission and mandate of World Fashion Organization and the roles they will play. The briefing is given by a member of the Headquarters' executive senior management team, the person directly responsible for managing the relationship with the celebrity.

REGIONAL AND NATIONAL REGENTS : A briefing by senior staff should take place at field and WFO National Chapter offices for National and Regional Regents.

Letter of Designation
GRAND REGENT : Once the candidate accepts the invitation to become a Regent, the Celebrity Relations Section issues the Letter of Designation. The agreement is for two years, renewable upon mutual consent.

REGIONAL AND NATIONAL REGENTS : Regional and National Regents generally sign a one-year agreement renewable upon mutual consent. Their Letter of Designation is drawn up by the Celebrity Relations Section and is a replica of the one used for Grand Regents.

Letter of Invitation
: The World Fashion Organization's Headquarters then sends a formal letter inviting the candidate to join in a partnership with World Fashion Organization, describing the title and role the celebrity will have and any particular issue/s he or she will work on. On a case by case basis a letter of invitation could be issued by the President/CEO of World Fashion Organization.

In the letter the role of the Regent and World Fashion Organization’s mission will be explained.

REGIONAL AND NATIONAL REGENTS : The letter of invitation may be signed by the Regional Director, country Representative or other senior staff member.

: A new Grand Regent receives a letter of thanks and welcome from the World Fashion Organization's Headquarters and Director of Division of Communication, and this is followed by a press release announcing the appointment. Once all paperwork is completed and orientation activities have taken place, the new Regent should be asked to participate in an important campaign or event immediately so that he or she feels encouraged and involved as a new member of the World Fashion Organization team.

REGIONAL AND NATIONAL REGENTS : A letter of thanks and welcome will come from the Head of WFO National Chapter or other appointed senior staff member.